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Monday, October 22, 2007

Ayurveda Franchise Business Program

Setting Up Ayurveda Wellness Clinic & Panchakarma Centre:

Sub: Franchise Business Program - Ayurveda Wellness center.

We wish to introduce ourselves as one of the leading traditional ayurveda panchakarma centre in New Delhi with branches in Kerala. We are engaged in traditional ayurveda panchakarma treatments, manufacturing of ayurveda oils and powders, manufacturing and exporting of wooden ayurveda droni, steam chambers, shirodhara stand etc, promoting ayurveda holidays and resorts, recruitment of ayurveda professionals and also in setting up of ayurveda panchakarma centre in world over.

What we could offer:

1. You can use our Brand Name "Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care™ " &; "Kerala Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre™" which has enough exposure all over the world.

2. We can provide you necessary qualified and experienced staffs who are panchakarma masseurs. Normally no other agencies provide the staff or it is not easy to find out trained and experienced staff.

3. We could provide you necessary equipment and apparatus. We are the only agency making the table (droni), shirodhara stand, steam chambers, and automatic steam generator and making wooden droni in one piece of wood also oil seasoned & kiln seasoned massage table for more durability and avoid leakage.

Please contact for list of items and its cost:

4. We could provide you the specially prepared, massage oils, powders and other items for ayurveda panchakarma massages. We are making this ayurveda preparation on Bio-energy conservation method - which gives greater potency to the medicines and oils.

5. 90% of our clients are from overseas through our website. We could develop a page for your ayurveda centre and add it on our website. So there could be promotion of your centre through our website. If you wish we could develop a website for your centre on an extra cost. As you know we are the sister company of Online Promotions (www.online-promo.net) - which is a web/software company.

6. We could help you in preparing the brochure for your centre, planning the revenue generation methods, planning the tradition ayurveda panchakarma packages like – Rejuvenation / Relaxation / Detoxification, other health care packages, gift packages, one day full package & general massage packages etc.

7. We could provide Necessary Ayurveda books and CDs - of panchakarma on extra cost.

8. We could provide unlimited email / phone support for any type of consultation free of cost and also our doctor could answer medical inquiries coming from your centre through email.

9. Accepting people from your area for joining our training program and also accepting patients for treatment at our clinic from your reference etc is possible and we could work out a % towards you on the total business we get from these referrals.

10. Our Trivandrum centre has different travel/tour and rejuvenation/relaxation/detoxification health care travel plans, you could promote our health/medical tourism programs or normal health holidays on 20% commission.

Please visit our projects:

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Please note the following points:

1. Cost of setting up the Clinic
The cost depends on the following points:

a) The quality of the products you required. We have three quality, if you are interested in a health care centre, where foreign tourist are available then you should go for export quality items. Then you could charge them little extra.

b) How many treatment/massage rooms do you wish to start. If you need only one room, then one set of items required. It is better to start with two rooms then two set of items required. The cost of best quality two sets of equipments and apparatus will cost you around Rs. 2.5 - 3 lac. This is one time investment.

c) Quality oils and powder/medicines - at least for 3 months will cost you around Rs. 50,000 +

d) Whether you need a doctor at your centre. Then the salary of the doctor. if you are starting with two rooms, then you need 4 masseurs. The salary of each experienced person and accommodation should be provided.

e) Cost/ Rent of the centre, Interior decoration, publicity, inauguration functions etc. could vary as per your taste.

2. The staff
We could provide experienced staff. Or if you need training for your staff, then we could provide training on ayurveda therapies at our centre on extra cost. Or you could get trained staff locally also.

3. Fee for the therapies and programs.
We will work out different types of therapies, massage, rejuvenation/ relaxation/ detoxification packages.

4. Revenue model for franchisee
There are different ways to generate revenue.

a) General Massages
b) Health Care packages
c) Sales of Medicines
d) Treatment & consultation
e) Ayurveda Panchakarma training
f) % of commission on the ayurveda equipment orders
e) % of commission on the ayurveda resort booking

But the major business could be from health care packages, special packages etc.

5. Time frame in setting up the clinic
The equipments and apparatus will take at least 30 - 40 days to reach your centre after ordering. Then planning, printing, web development etc could be done within this time. So at least 45 - 50 days is required to start a centre, if the place is ready.

6. Other General Requirements:

a) The managing person should know different therapies.
b) The most important point is the conversion of inquiries in to business, so the person who manage the centre should be familiar with packages, should have skill to convert/develop business.
c) Local publicity also important through handbill insertion in the news paper, contacting MNC's and major companies in your area etc are also important.

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